Are you on top of this Ombre trend? It is seriously everywhere right now! Just look at any red carpet and you will see ombre dresses, ombre hair, and ombre nails! Want to get in on this hot style trend? Check out these three easy ways you can wear ombre!

Ombre Dress

ombre dress
Wearing an ombre dress is the easiest way to take par this popular trend. When it comes to choosing the perfect ombre dress you have a ton of options. You can go with a light to dark ombre of the same color like the dress in the picture above. You can even pick an ombre of two totally different colors. While short ombre dresses are super cute, an long ombre dress is always striking since there is so much more fabric to play with. Check out all of these ombre dresses I found on Resultly. Click the link below.


Ombre Hair

Another super popular and chic way to take part in this ombre trend is with a more permanent options, ombre hair! Tons of celebs are getting on this hair trend. Above is a tutorial that will show you how to get DIY ombre hair. If you don’t trust yourself do dye your own hair, then you can go to a salon and have it done professionally. When dying your hair ombre, don’t feel limited by traditional hair colors. Kendall Jenner has blue ombre! From pretty shades of pink to dark shades of purple you have so many ombre hair options! Ombre hair also looks really cool when you style it braids and curls!


Ombre Nails

ombre nails
Ombre nails are also a fun way to add this popular trend to your look! There are all sorts of ombre variations you can try on your nails. You can even do most of them by yourself! Hell yeah DIY! If you find a more intricate ombre manicure idea then you can always bring a picture into your salon. Love the ombre nails in the image above? Click the link below for the full ombre nail tutorial! I just love the beautiful melon color of those nails.
Now we have seen three ways you can embrace the ombre! Are you read to tackle this trend? Remember you can create an easy ombre look with an ombre dress! If you want to rock the this trend all the time then try out some fun ombre hair. Another great way to explore this trend is through your manicure with ombre nails. Ready, set, ombre.