Velvet Dress To Remember



Velvet Dress is one of those dresses when you wear and everyone keep staring at you. I know for a fact , not that many women have tried to that kind of dress yet; however, I hope at some point they will.

I have always been thinking to get one dress like that, so last year I decided to go shopping for it.  A friend of mine had her birthday coming up, so it was a great reason to try it on. I can tee you for sure, it was not the easiest and fastest shopping I have ever done.

Most of the stores do not have velvet clothing in general, so after dozens of stores I went to, I have decided to start looking online. Thanks to a friend of mine, who recommended me to check out Resultly shopping app that literally saved my life! I found around ten different dresses I liked in a couple of minutes. I did not have a specific color I was looking for and I wanted to try all of them. So, I have ordered three dresses. Unfortunately, I loved all of them but I could not afford to buy it… It was a hard decision to make between a purple dress and a red one. I asked my friends what they were thinking and after hours of thinking, I ended up buying the purple velvet dress. You can check this dress here.

I was happy with the price and with the fact that I can wear it not only for out in the evening, but also during the day. The other thing I had to worry about it was finding a perfect pair of shoes…. In my opinion, purple looks the best with black. I had to find some cute black heels fast. We went with my friends to Nordstrom Rack and found very cute black  high heels. Of course, I had tons of shoes at  home already, but I could not resist a new pair…

Everyone loved my velvet dress, I almost felt bad that all attention was on me not a birthday girl. The one thing I would recommend to anyone who is thinking about getting that dress is to make sure that it does not look cheap. Some velvet dresses I tried had a very poor quality and it did not look nice. Also, do not spend hundreds of dollars on it either. This kind of dress is not for a casual day and you will not wear it too many times anyways.