Walking Like A Princess


Not a princess yet? Well, do not you worry about it! One do not have to wake up like a princess, she can become one…  Not buy moving to England and marrying a prince; hold on, if you can do that go ahead.

For other women in this world I would recommend to go to the department store, or not so department… and get one chiffon maxi skirt! It will change your life forever like it had changed mine a couple of years back.

It all started with me being annoyed with all the shopping fever before my birthday. I can bet I am not the only one who gets super stressed out about birthday party, where tons of people love you for who you are but still will judge you from your toes. Or, of course one of you ex-boyfriends just had to show up. Anyways, instead of running around the stores like a completely crazy person, I actually went online (not usually my thing to do, shopping is my cardio). I found that new app Resultly and after a couple of seconds, I found that gorgeous perfect skirt. I could not afford not to buy it right the way. It was not even that expensive I was expecting to spend for my birthday outfit.

You will not believe how special it makes you feel! the shape of the skirt, the length and  the material all together help one look so princessy, girly, and sexy at the same very time. Of course, I had to buy a cute top to match the skirt. My skirt was purple and I needed some other color to make it look even more cuter for the birthday event.  I fount a gold top, you can see some choice I found  here: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/Charlie-Jade-Pleated-Chiffon-Maxi-Skirt-Cobalt-Blue/prod175150346/p.prod

Gold and purple are a perfect match, so it looked awesome. The only thing you can not over do with a chiffon maxi skirt is that one have to be very careful with choosing jewelry and shoes. I am not a bog fan of flats, so I just got simple high heels in nude/gold kind of color. Of course, flats might be more appropriate on the summer day if you have to walk a lot, but in my case , the is no party without heels. 

Jewelry is another story. Too much of it will not make you a princess it will make “cheap” . the chiffon itself is already fancy material and not necessary  is asking for tons of jewelry .The less the better. Every girl will get attention without it . Trust me.  All my guests loved my look and what is even more important I really felt like a princess , and all because of that purple chiffon maxi skirt!