Get Down in Plaid

What is it with this plaid obsession these days? I thought that the whole plaid trend died a year ago, but I was wrong. As soon as I thought plaid was disappearing from it came back stronger than ever. At first it started coming back with the guys, bringing about the lumbersexual man look of 2014. I do like a little bit of scruff and the occasional plaid shirt, but many guys seem to take this whole style to an extreme. They grow out their beard to a point where you can braid their beard. The other day I was at a bar called the Lone Wolf and every other guy was wearing a plaid shirt. I will say that I was out with one of my more “hipstery” friends, so I wasn’t expecting any less. But, come on, isn’t the point of being a hipster is to not be main stream?

For girl the whole plaid trend was coming back with plaid skirts and plaid pants more than the old plaid button downs. Although the plaid skirt trend seemed a little bit 2000’s, I prefer plaid pants and skirts over plaid tops. Another trend I noticed was taking the plaid button-down and tying it around your waist. Pair that with a pair of high waisted jeans and combat boots, and you’ve got yourself the edgy 2013/2014 look of the year.

My favorite choice of plaid are the plaid pants if I had to chose. The plaid pants is also a come back from a previous trend in the 70’s, but make make those plaid pants skinny and you get the  modern plaid look. You can go two ways with the plaid pants. One, you can keep it vintage and do the flared boot cut plaid pants. I found the cutest pair of flared plaid pants here:

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 4.04.06 PM

I love how Nasty Gal modeled these high waisted plaid pants. The booties with the gold heel add a nice touch to the whole look, and the tucked in sheer top looks great. The sheer top makes it more of a going out look. If you want to keep it more conservative and for the day I would pair it with a turtle neck body suit, either black or white.

As much as I love the pants I posted about above, I prefer to not spend over $100 for a trend that could only last for a short while. If you’re looking for a variety of plaid pants to chose from take a look at this page.

After searching for the perfect plaid pants, I noticed that they are all pretty pricy. I suppose the reason for this is because the plaid pants isn’t as big of a global fashion trend as a crop top, for example. I don’t think it will catch up like the crop top or high-waisted pants, so if you’re dying to get a pair of plaid pants you may need to spend a little more dinero.

For the second plaid pants look, which is the “modern plaid”, go for the red skinny plaid pants.