pastel heels

Loving all those pastel colors that seem to be everywhere right now? Then you need to get in on this pastel trend! One of the best ways to embrace this trend is with your shoes! Well, actually with your heels to be more specific. From mint heels to baby blue heels you are just going to love all of these pastel heels. Check out these great pastel heel picks below!

Mint heels:

mint heels

Aren’t these mint heels from Boston Proper gorgeous? They are perfect! The mint color will really pop if worn with a white dress. You can also try to mix a variety of pastels together to really embrace the pastel trend. I found these mint green heels via the Resultly App! It literally searched hundreds of online stores to bring me tons of mint shoe options.  I’m really loving these mint heels, they are just perfect!

Baby Blue Heels:

baby blue heels


I found this pair of cute baby blue heels from I just love the edgy vibe the studs bring to this pastel blue color. The juxtaposition is just so eye-catching. They will for sure create a great impact no matter what sort of look you are going for. You can totally wear them with jeans for a more casual edgy vibe. They would also look super cute with a suer short skirt and tights! There are so many ways you can wear these shoes!

Light Pink Heels:

light pink heels

Literally dying right now because these Ted Baker London heels are so cute! I mean come one! The light pink color is so chic and on trend. This shoe also features a cute peep two and metallic gold heel. These would look super cute with a mid length skirt or with a cute dress! I just can ‘t get over how cute these light pink heels are. If you are new to the pastel trent, then light pink is a great color to start with since it is pretty neutral and will go with a lot of the clothing that you all ready have in your closet.

Lilac Heels:

lilac heels


These lilac heels by Chinese Laundry are major show stoppers! Aren’t they just the prettiest color? I love these show so much because the design of the shoe is very simple, but by making it that fun lilac color they instantly pop. They are not to overwhelming with tons of straps and unnecessary bling to distract from the beautiful color. Since these shoes are so simple you can wear them with an outfit that a little more gong on with it. Perhaps a sparkly dress or embellished shirt.



Black or nude shoes is always a huge dilemma. It is probably the hardest choice to make when it comes to find a perfect for to match a dress or any other out fit. For years, women thought that there is nothing can be better than black shoes, especially black sandals;however for the past five years there is more and more women who prefer nude sandals over black ones or other colors, and I am definitely one of them…I agree, with black color being a totally a classic choice but lets think about benefits of nude shoes.

First of all,  nude is just like a black color goes with everything. Something like this here. Actually, black will not match some outfits. for example, there is no way you can wear some nice summer dress with black heels ;it simply will not look nice and light enough for a hot day out. Nude, on the other hand , can be great in the summer and winter and match any other color at the same time.

Second of all, nude is the only color that will make your legs look much longer. Black-not so much; for some girls who are not super tall, it is always a bad choice to wear black color sandals in general. So, if you didn’t know that, you should definitely try to wear nude sandals over black pair.

Third good thing about nude color is that it is the best choice for summer time. We wear so many colored outfits;sometimes top and skirt have so much statement that you do not want to make it even crazier with black shoes. Thats why, in the summer time is my number one choice in the shoe closet.

Number four reason is nude color has been trending since the last season, it looks like almost every celebrity in Hollywood wears nude from top to bottom all the time. You do want to feel like a super star, right? So, thats should be your choice as well!

My last and very favorite thing about nude sandals. It simply perfect for long type of dresses and thats what I wear a lot. I love going out to galas and other fancy events. Of course, I prefer to wear an evening long type of dress or skirt, so no way I would wear black heels with a light colored dress. Most of my dresses and shoes  I buy from Resultly; they have tons of choices for nude sandals.  Or, I go to Macy’s , they have good deals , especially before holidays for cocktail dresses. So, if you ask me it will be always nude sandals over black one.