What is it with this plaid obsession these days? I thought that the whole plaid trend died a year ago, but I was wrong. As soon as I thought plaid was disappearing from it came back stronger than ever. At first it started coming back with the guys, bringing about the lumbersexual man look of 2014. I do like a little bit of scruff and the occasional plaid shirt, but many guys seem to take this whole style to an extreme. They grow out their beard to a point where you can braid their beard. The other day I was at a bar called the Lone Wolf and every other guy was wearing a plaid shirt. I will say that I was out with one of my more “hipstery” friends, so I wasn’t expecting any less. But, come on, isn’t the point of being a hipster is to not be main stream?

For girl the whole plaid trend was coming back with plaid skirts and plaid pants more than the old plaid button downs. Although the plaid skirt trend seemed a little bit 2000’s, I prefer plaid pants and skirts over plaid tops. Another trend I noticed was taking the plaid button-down and tying it around your waist. Pair that with a pair of high waisted jeans and combat boots, and you’ve got yourself the edgy 2013/2014 look of the year.

My favorite choice of plaid are the plaid pants if I had to chose. The plaid pants is also a come back from a previous trend in the 70’s, but make make those plaid pants skinny and you get the  modern plaid look. You can go two ways with the plaid pants. One, you can keep it vintage and do the flared boot cut plaid pants. I found the cutest pair of flared plaid pants here: http://www.nastygal.com/vintage/plaid-form-pants

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 4.04.06 PM

I love how Nasty Gal modeled these high waisted plaid pants. The booties with the gold heel add a nice touch to the whole look, and the tucked in sheer top looks great. The sheer top makes it more of a going out look. If you want to keep it more conservative and for the day I would pair it with a turtle neck body suit, either black or white.

As much as I love the pants I posted about above, I prefer to not spend over $100 for a trend that could only last for a short while. If you’re looking for a variety of plaid pants to chose from take a look at this page.

After searching for the perfect plaid pants, I noticed that they are all pretty pricy. I suppose the reason for this is because the plaid pants isn’t as big of a global fashion trend as a crop top, for example. I don’t think it will catch up like the crop top or high-waisted pants, so if you’re dying to get a pair of plaid pants you may need to spend a little more dinero.

For the second plaid pants look, which is the “modern plaid”, go for the red skinny plaid pants.


Not a princess yet? Well, do not you worry about it! One do not have to wake up like a princess, she can become one…  Not buy moving to England and marrying a prince; hold on, if you can do that go ahead.

For other women in this world I would recommend to go to the department store, or not so department… and get one chiffon maxi skirt! It will change your life forever like it had changed mine a couple of years back.

It all started with me being annoyed with all the shopping fever before my birthday. I can bet I am not the only one who gets super stressed out about birthday party, where tons of people love you for who you are but still will judge you from your toes. Or, of course one of you ex-boyfriends just had to show up. Anyways, instead of running around the stores like a completely crazy person, I actually went online (not usually my thing to do, shopping is my cardio). I found that new app Resultly and after a couple of seconds, I found that gorgeous perfect skirt. I could not afford not to buy it right the way. It was not even that expensive I was expecting to spend for my birthday outfit.

You will not believe how special it makes you feel! the shape of the skirt, the length and  the material all together help one look so princessy, girly, and sexy at the same very time. Of course, I had to buy a cute top to match the skirt. My skirt was purple and I needed some other color to make it look even more cuter for the birthday event.  I fount a gold top, you can see some choice I found  here: http://www.neimanmarcus.com/Charlie-Jade-Pleated-Chiffon-Maxi-Skirt-Cobalt-Blue/prod175150346/p.prod

Gold and purple are a perfect match, so it looked awesome. The only thing you can not over do with a chiffon maxi skirt is that one have to be very careful with choosing jewelry and shoes. I am not a bog fan of flats, so I just got simple high heels in nude/gold kind of color. Of course, flats might be more appropriate on the summer day if you have to walk a lot, but in my case , the is no party without heels. 

Jewelry is another story. Too much of it will not make you a princess it will make “cheap” . the chiffon itself is already fancy material and not necessary  is asking for tons of jewelry .The less the better. Every girl will get attention without it . Trust me.  All my guests loved my look and what is even more important I really felt like a princess , and all because of that purple chiffon maxi skirt!

Me, last NYE. This is the story of me, my gold sequin skirt, and a horrible time almost one year ago.

It all started when this really annoying girl from my high school invited half of our former school of choice to her company’s new years eve party. Don’t get me wrong the Facebook invite, #lol, sounded legit. You’d get champagne upon entry, free drinks all night, and party favors to ring in the new year with all just a “low” fee. So naturally, my friends and I with little desire to look elsewhere for plans said lez do it. So there we go, we bought our tickets online and let the online shopping aka browsing begin.

What to wear?
Ask five girls what is the most appropriate NYE dress and hands down you will get at least four out of five responses “sequins”. So, what did you think I began typing into my search engine? Sequin dresses! But, next came the hard part. Do I want to be sassy and chic and go with the gold, or do I want to stand out like the disco ball and go silver? Then comes the not so obvious choice of the sequin shades of blue, which would totally bring out my baby blue eyes. Well to cut this dramatic decision short, I went with a gold sequin skirt and a reallll cute black top to match (see all that shines here: http://www.result.ly/Search/gold%20sequin%20skirt)

gold sequin skirt

So now that you can imagine just how hot I looked, let’s get into it. So NYE has the biggest hype of almost all holidays, drinking holidays maybe. Regardless, my girls and I were excited. They come downtown to my apartment and we start getting ready. Barely holding in our curiosity of what was to come while attempting to master the perfect cat eye (link below if this is also your every day struggle). Little idea as to exactly who would be there, but we had a general idea of each friend group that would. So, aimlessly walking up and down the street for 20 mins trying to hail a cab in 5 inch heels and 4 inches of snow, we finally arrive.

Needless to say it’s a bit chilly, hello Chicago, I toss my pea coat to the coat check faster than he could say hi. We walk in, grab a drink, and then it hits me… my perfectly sequined gold skirt is not so perfect. THERE’S A HOLE IN THE BUTT. I mean!!! Yes, mortified to say the least on one of the most anticipated nights of the year with little desire to leave a club more filled with attractive men that actually spent time figuring out their outfits this morning. I had no choice- I had to leave. Dragging each foot after the other out the door, hailing a cab that I was convinced would never come, I went back to my apartment. And rang in the new year on my couch with a Subway sandwich. Hey, when’s it’s under your apartment building you would too.

Get the perfect cat eye here.

So yay me. Have a happy new year and remember to check the butt of your skirt this year ladies.